Kids Ice Fishing Weekend

The opportunity only goes until Monday. 

DULUTH, Minn.– As weather in the northland continues to get colder, ice fishing is in full gear as today kicked off the weekend dedicated to getting kids on the ice and starting to ice fish.

The sound of drilling through the ice on a nice day is a fisherman’s dream. Saturday was no different as the sun was beaming on dozens of ice shacks throughout the St Louis harbor.

“Take Your Kid Ice Fishing” weekend started today, in hopes of getting younger community members more involved in the sport.

Fisherman Peter Douglas moved to the Twin Ports area 13 years ago, and he says ice fishing is one of the main reasons he stayed.

“There’s a lot of other places in the world that are like it but it’s just so cool being out here, where you can look up at the hill and see the city, and you can hop on the other side and see Lake Superior, you can be over here and catch potentially some really big cool fish,” said Fisherman Peter Douglas.

Kids ages 15 and under can fish free all year long, but this weekend anyone over the age of 16 who accompanies a kid can also fish without a license. The opportunity only goes until Monday.

Douglas has a kid of his own, and he says he can’t wait until he can take them on the ice with him.

He also gave advice to the younger generation who are just learning the activity.

“Don’t get discouraged if you’re not catching anything. Don’t always follow the group, just because there’s a bunch of people in one place, doesn’t mean it’s a great spot to fish and don’t be afraid to try something new,” said Douglas.

The youth centered weekend is sponsored by the Minnesota DNR and the DNR has helpful tips to help you, help your children to fish safely at its website.

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