City Of Duluth Website Has Tool To Report Potholes

DULUTH, Minn. — If you’re sick of dodging the deep potholes on Duluth streets this winter, the City has a tool on its website to report them so they can be filled.

This page rolled out last spring for residents to report issues around the city like blight, potholes, sewer and storm problems, and more.

You go to the City’s website and click on the tab that says, “City Spotlight,” then go to the “Resident Problem Reporter.” From there it will walk you through sharing the issue and its location, and you can even upload photos.

If you report a pothole in the winter, there’s a chance it will be filled now, or the City will wait until May to be able to pour hot asphalt in it when the ground is warmer.

Each pothole complaint is reviewed to see if crews are able to fix it now.

To submit a report, click the link here.

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