Difference of Opinion for Non-Binding Referendum in Wisconsin

Superior, Wisc. — There’s a difference of opinion in Wisconsin about what the non-binding referendum question should be on the April ballot.

Republicans want to ask voters if there should be work requirements for people receiving public benefits. Democrats counter that the work requirement had already passed in 2018.

Democratic Governor Tony Evers would like to have the referendum ask if Wisconsinite’s support repealing a 174-year-old criminal abortion ban, that may or may not still be enforceable as law.

“We feel that reproductive rights are really important in the state of Wisconsin, “Evers said. “We were disappointed, obviously, on how Roe V Wade went by the wayside. So, women and men across the state feel strongly about the issue and republicans seem to be on the other side of this issue and they like the way it is playing out in Wisconsin, which is horrific. So, the legislative democrats in the legislature are hoping to instead of doing the advisory on something that was already law, but to take care of the other issue. It’s important to the people of Wisconsin and obviously women.”

Evers was in Superior Tuesday night holding a “Doing the Right Thing” listening session to hear from residents about the issues they consider most important.

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