Need An Auto Mechanic This Winter? Get Ready To Wait

Duluth, Minn. — Vehicles and winter often times don’t get along. The waiting time to see your favorite mechanic may be longer than you might expect. One shop says they are scheduling service appointments 10 to 15 days out.

Mike Archer, the owner of AutoMedics in Duluth says, “It’s been very busy and it’s tough schedule wise, snowstorms and holidays, you know people not showing and then you get some people in need, like this one we sitting here. They dropped it off hoping we could look at it. We had a cancellation of another car so this car is going to get a look at today.”

And when the car gets in, there’s another issue mechanics and body shops face this time of year with the snow. “It slows down the process cause you’re dealing with wet sloppy cars”, said Archer.

Your motor is not all that a mechanic will look at when you bring your car in for service. The mechanic may very well make the suggestion or recommendation to get new tires. “Tires are so important where we live,” Archer Said.  “There’s a lot of newer technologies with tires from all-weather tires. We use to have all seasons, but now you have all weather ties and snow tires. Where we live I would say anybody looking to put tires on, look for the all-weather tire versus all season. The all-weather are engineered for where we live, they have a lot better traction capability in the snow and ice.”

It’s no secret that you should take your vehicle into the mechanic for regular services. The list of these can include oil changes, transmission service, air filters and having your brakes and lights checked.

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