190 Degree Coffee Celebrates One Year Anniversary

DULUTH, Minn. –After one year in business, one coffee shop in the Lincoln Park neighborhood opened up, which brought more life to the area.

190 Degree Coffee and Tea is celebrating their one year anniversary on Jan. 21, with free drip coffee, cookies, and an opportunity to enter into a raffle to win some merchandise. Baked goods are local from bakeries such as Positively Third Street Bakery and Duluth’s Best Bread. 

“It’s crazy. I remember when we were first making the schedule we had like three people on all day, but now it’s hard to have any less than two people on at one time,” said Co-Manager Carol Reinert. “So we definitely expanded and have been more welcomed than we can imagine. Our staff is incredible and our community incredible. Honestly, I’m super impressed all over.”

190 Degree Coffee also cycles through different coffee brews for each month, one that’s coming up is coffee roaster created by women in March for women’s history month. In February, 190 Degree Coffee will feature brews from Underwood Coffee and Almanac Coffee, which are both local coffee roasters in Duluth. 190 Degree Coffee also has a specialty drink to check out for Valentines Day, but they say that you’ll have to check them out to know what it is.


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