1st Time Cider Event Held at the DECC

DULUTH, Minn. –The first Cidery in Duluth was Duluth Cider which opened back in 2018. Since then, Duluthians have grown fond of Cider culture. With the DECC hosting Cider North on Saturday, 13 different Minnesota Brewed Cider Companies set up shop at the Harborside Ballroom. But what is Cider?

So cider making is wine making,” said  Jason Dayton, the co-founder of Minnesota Cider Company and V.P. of the Minnesota Cider Guild. “So we’re actually all bonded wineries and so what’s really important is that we work with fruit and we ferment apples the same way a winemaker would ferment grapes.”

At first, organizers from the DECC say that they were unsure of having a Cider Festival. The last one was held back in 2018. But with tickets selling out before doors even opened, the DECC was excited to see this massive turnout.

“So I think people really like Duluth Cider and Wild State, the ones that we have here in Duluth, and I think that they are just looking here to expand and see what else is out there,” said DECC Organizer Olivia Niska.

The Harborside Ballrooms were used to full extent, with the downstairs TRANSFORMNG as an event center for in-door lawn games. People had the chance to play corn-hole, test out their mini golf skills, and even shot NERF arrows in-doors at a target. The upstairs had all the cider. People were able to taste one of the many flavors such as cranberry, maple blueberry, _, and more.

Cider is an incredible beverage, it’s extremely versatile,” continued Dayton. “Cider has all of the complexities and intricacies of wine, but it has the low but it has a low abv (alcohol by volume) insatiability of beer.”

People that attended Cider North were impressed, with one attendee that said, “It’s great! There’s a great turnout and a great place to stay. Yeah it’s been a great day here.” 

Another attendee even suggested one way how she would like to see this event return, “We were just talking about it being cool if it was outside too, like in the fall.”

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