95 KQDS Races Small Dogs at Earth Rider Brewery

SUPERIOR, Wis. — Every year the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon brings in sled dog riders from around the world. But here at Earth Rider Brewery in Superior, one radio station looks to see who is top dog on a smaller scale.

This year, 95 KQDS invited small dogs and their owners to participate in a sled dog race. The rules were simple, both the dog and the sled had to make it over the finish line and owners were not allowed to drag their dogs. Does your small dog have what it takes to be a top miniature sled dog?

“We are big John Beargrease Marathon fans at the Radio ranch,” said 95 KQDS Broadcaster and race referee Jason Manning. “So we thought it would be fun if we had tiny dogs pulling little tiny sleds, have a couple of beers out here at Earth Rider, and hopefully a few laughs.”

The dogs were also divided into weight classes. With the lightweights weighing between 5-12 lbs, and the heavyweights being between up to 22 lbs.

“The sleds are empty. Some of these dogs are as small as 5 lbs so the sleds by themselves will be undertaking. We don’t need to load down anything else,” said Manning.

But who would be top dog in this miniature sled race? The odds were stacked up to Zeke, the three time defending champion yorkie terrier, who was close to eyeing up a forth winning title. But after a devastating first round, Zeke was out of luck for keeping his title after newcomer Oreo surpassed him, with Oreo winning first in the lightweight division.

“I’ve never been here before,” said Oreo’s owner McKenzie Fossell. “We just came to have some fun and it’s pretty cool to win.”

In the heavyweight division, another newcomer Niko had a fast start. But just at the finish line Niko stopped with his sled still before the barrel, which offered Lutsen to steal the win, solidifying first place in the heavyweight division. But it was Niko that won over everyone’s heart in the end, winning best of show, by a majority vote by the crowd.

“For both of us it was the first year,” said Niko’s owner Renita Petite. “Next year we know the sled needs to pass the barrel.”

95 KQDS will continue to host a mini sled dog race for those interested in this event next year. 

“And it’s all about fun,” finished Petite. “It’s just spending time with your dog and he loves it, he has a whole mess of tricks too.”

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