Annual Survey of Wolves and Moose on Isle Royale Underway

Moose Wolf Study

ISLE ROYALE, Mich. — The annual wolf and moose survey is underway on Isle Royale. Last Friday, researchers based out of Michigan Tech arrived on Isle Royale to begin their annual survey to count the wolf and moose populations.

Starting in 1958, researchers have studied the relationship between the two, and have discovered how their populations are affected by things such as wolf inbreeding, genetics, and the island’s food supply. Their research has also led to insights on wolf behavior.

Last year, the wolf population was estimated to be 28 animals, nearly double from the previous estimate. While the wolf numbers increased, the moose population was down 28% to 1,346 animals.

The study typically lasts about 6 weeks and results have historically been published in early spring.

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