Knowing Your Neighbors: Clyde Brewing

DULUTH, Minn. – “People have been asking, “When’s the beer going to come? When’s the beer going to come?” for the last almost two years. So, the day is finally here,” Clyde Brewing Head Brewer, Dale Kleinschmidt says.

Clyde Brewing officially opened its taps on January 16th in the Clyde building in Lincoln Park. The kick-off had taste testings of their 6 new brews, plus a root beer for those not wanting alcohol.

“Many of the beers that are being offered here, I’ve been brewing those for 25 years so it’s kind of like muscle memory, I can’t make anything else. And nobody else was making, like people are really familiar with the Kayak Kolsch,” Kleinschmidt says.

The brewery has been in the works since 2020. The head brewer is Dale Kleinschmidt, who was the head brewer of Lake Superior Brewing for nearly 25 years.

“I made my first homebrew in May of 1971 and kind of played with it for twenty years off and on. It became legal in 1978 so all of a sudden now you can get your hands on better ingredients,” Kleinschmidt says.

Kleinschmidt says his passion is bringing in foreign flavors thousands of miles closer to the Northland.

“I like to make traditional styles, so I’m not making pizza flavored beer or chocolate steak or whatever. Just solid traditional styles that have been around,” Kleinschmidt says.

All of the traditional style beers are dedicated to the manufacturing history of Clyde with names like “Steam Skidder Stout” and “Whirley Wheat.”

“I enjoy the process; I enjoy the smells of the process and just obviously I appreciate the results but that’s secondary to me to making it,” Kleinschmidt says.

The owners of Clyde Iron Works are also working on a future hotel called “Clyde Hotel.” They hope to break ground on the existing property this spring, and if all goes well a second hotel will follow.

“Give it a taste, and if you don’t like it that’s okay. You know, not everybody is going to like everything. But we encourage people to come down, give them a taste, give them a fair shot, and you’ll probably find something that you like,” Kleinschmidt says.

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