St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office Launches Crime-Mapping Tool

DULUTH, Minn. — The St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office officially launched its new crime-mapping tool online Tuesday for residents to view.

The crime map shows all types of crimes pinpointed to the street where they occurred.

People can filter the results by date, location and type of incident, like arson, burglary, sex offenses, assault and homicide, among others.

Information is updated weekly, and Sgt. Brandon Silgjord said it’s all about transparency and keeping citizens informed to help prevent crime.

“This gives the capability for business owners and residents to look and see if there are incidents happening in their neighborhood. And that awareness piece, that prevention through awareness piece is really important. When someone knows what’s going on in their neighborhood, it alerts them, they may be more aware of suspicious vehicles in the area of people in the area, as well as just being cognizant of what’s going on in your neighborhoods,” Silgjord said.

The current data dates back through Jan. 2021, so Silgjord said it’s important to not get overwhelmed when you see all the notifications on the map when logging on.

Incidents are reported for all cities under the jurisdiction of the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office except for Duluth, Hermantown and Virginia, which use different records management systems.

As for Duluth, the city’s crime-mapping data is currently offline. Police chief Mike Ceynowa told FOX 21 the department is working to connect to its new records system with the online reporting tool. He expects Duluth’s crime maps to be back up in the next few months.

“We know it is something that is important to our community,” Ceynowa said.

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