St Louis River Alliance Hosts Winter Fun Event

GARY-NEW DULUTH, Minn.– In Gary New Duluth, a special Winter Fun event was held at the local YMCA by the St. Louis River Alliance.

From hot chocolate, to a bonfire, and even snowshoeing, there were all kinds of fun activities to enjoy.

Wednesday’s event was free and family friendly, there was also a chance to win prizes.

The River Alliance will be hosting 6 similar events in neighborhoods alongside the St Louis river throughout the winter.

The Alliance has partnered with the Minnesota Pollution Agency, and they did surveys to get feedback from community members on river quality and other improvements.

“As we sort of transition from doing all the restoration and cleanup the river is cleaner, now we want to find out how people connect with the river.” St Louis River Alliance Executive Director Kris Eilers said.

The alliance will be hosting a Winter Walk event on February 12th as a part of Winter Out West. The walk is also free and open to everyone.

More information can be found on the St Louis River Alliance website.


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