Miner’s Inc. Nearly Doubles Annual Donation To Salvation Army

DULUTH, Minn. — The Salvation Army is walking away with over $90,000, nearly double what they usually receive, thanks to a new campaign by Miner’s Incorporated.

At select Northland Super Ones, the Register Campaign was added to make donating easier. This made it so customers could donate just by clicking on the pin pad when checking out.

It added an additional $41,059.91 on top of the $50,000 Miner’s Match made to the Salvation Army’s red kettles.

“Not everyone carries cash with them at all times, so this provides an extra convenience for the customer to be able to give to the organizations that they’d like to and that are worthy,” said Patrick Miner, President of Miner’s Inc. “It’s a huge shoutout to our customers, they’re incredibly generous.”

And if you’re wondering what the Salvation Army will do with the big donation, the captain says it will help all year-round.

“The money will go to Salvation Army efforts all the way around St. Louis County. And although food is a big need especially in these times of higher priced food. This money is going to help us year-round in a lot of our efforts including the food program but also our housing program, and just outreach to men and women and children,” said Teri Ellison, Captain of the Salvation Army.

Miner’s Inc. has been doing the $50,000 Miner’s Match for almost 10 years now. They plan to keep giving to the Salvation Army for many years to come.

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