Volunteer Opportunities At CHUM In Duluth

DULUTH, Minn. — If you are looking for ways to get involved in your community, you just might find that it’s even more rewarding than you expected.

Case in point are some of the volunteers at CHUM. Tuesday Fox 21 told you about the need for some more drivers to deliver food to those who can’t get out themselves. But behind the scenes are people who are picking, sorting and packing. Volunteers like Lynn Shubitz, who began simply and quietly.

“I started back after COVID, only doing Tuesday mornings. And then I found that Thursday morning there really weren’t a whole lot of people, so I started doing Tuesday and Thursday morning. And then, you know, I checked in on Wednesday, and there were certain other things that needed to be done, so that people who work here can actually get done the main things that they need to do. So, some weeks I’m here four mornings a week, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,” said Shubitz.

CHUM makes deliveries in the morning every other Thursday. If you’d like to help out–inside or on the road–give CHUM a call at (218) 720-6521.

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