EMTs Meet in Duluth

Duluth, Minn. — Emergency Medical personnel, fire fighters and law enforcement professionals are meeting in Duluth. Attendees come from throughout the state and Wisconsin to learn more about new and different ways to deal with traumatic events.

The job can be stressful, sometimes very stressful, but there ae many people who want to get into the field, generally known as EMT’s  There are a number of different levels that range from EMR’, or s Emergency Medical Responders all the way to paramedics and beyond. Northwood’ Tech in Wisconsin has classes that provide the knowledge needed to become involved.”We have training in both EMR and EMT and you can work for volunteer fire departments or ambulance service. You can for career or even work in the field and then you can come back.

Sara Marciniak  and Tammy Robarge volunteer with the Normanna Volunteer fire department. While the job can be stressful, they also say it’s rewarding. ” You come across some things that most people will never see in their life. It’ nice that we all talk through things and make sure that we’re all doing okay, said Marciniak.  Robarge added ” And we have a group chat after each call to  make sure everyone’s okay”

At Expo are a number of companies and organizations exhibiting  that work with people experiencing stress and post-traumatic stress.  OIwever, many of those in the industry have found their own way to deal with the stress.  “I’m one of those guys who leave it at the truck, leave it at the fire station,” said Tim Oachs of the Mahtomedi Fire Department  “There are times where stuff, you know you lost someone of it’s the one that got away that I couldn’t make a difference, these are the ones that keep…pursuing higher education.”

The conference and expo is one of the largest in the Midwest. IT offers emergency medical services personnel the opportunity to further their education and talk with others who may have gone through difficult situation and can offer their insights

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