Ice Cross Racing at Mont Du Lac Resort

SUPERIOR, Wisc.– This weekend, the U.S Ice Cross Association is hosting its annual races at Mont Du Lac Resort in Superior.

Competitors race down a ice covered track, filled with, jumps, turns, and other obstacles.

The Ice Cross Association travels across the world to host races, and welcome anyone interested to try it out.

There is a Men’s and Women division for the main event in Superior. But there is a junior division as well.

Equipment for the fast paced sport resembles hockey gear, as crashes are possible.

“Probably the most motivating in building the tracks is knowing friends, family, fans, spectators of the sport, they are all going to come out here, so I want to make sure we do have a great event. People we have here, it’s why I do it, there’s nothing like being able to travel around the world with some of your greatest friends,” said TJ Aubrecht, Vice President, USIX Association.

Starting on Thursday, competitors got a chance to practice on the newly built track. Which took 2 weeks to construct.

This evening, time trials were held to determine racing order.

4 skaters race down the track at a time, the first to cross the finish line moves on.

All coming down to the final race to determine the winner.

“The best parts about the sport are, regardless of age, regardless of skill level, you are going to be able to come out here, meet great people and have a great time coming down the track,” Aubrecht said.

The event is free to spectators. And there is even a kids cross open for skaters ages 6 to 16 on Sunday starting at 10 AM.



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