Enjoying The Winter Weather In Canal Park

DULUTH, Minn. — Living in the Northland, we can whine about the weather, or get out and enjoy it!

So why not take the dogs for a walk in these sunny–though bone-chilling temperatures. Lauren Hendricks and her sister were out at Canal Park this morning with dogs Boo and Song. Neither the dogs nor owners were bothered by the cold. Song actually has a sibling running in the Beargrease. You might even say the foursome was singing the weather’s praises.

“It’s always nice to get the fresh air. I personally like the feeling of the cold air in my lungs. I know not everybody does, but I find it very refreshing and it’s always beautiful to see the sea smoke on the lake. And just be outside when there’s not a lot of people out. That’s kind of a treat, too,” said Lauren.

Lauren grew up in Duluth but is now living in Colorado. She says Minnesotans tend to not get too negative about winter.

“I think that people in Minnesota less than in other places that I’ve lived in actually. Minnesotans are really good at still gettin’ out and going cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, snowshoeing, fat-biking, all those fun things, even when it is really cold there. A lot more hardy people here than I would say in Colorado where I am now. It’s big news now that is ten below. Not so much here. No, just another day in the winter!” said Lauren.

And of course, Lauren says you’ve gotta’ wear the right clothes. Usually lots of layers.

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