Genealogy Seminar at Richard I. Bong Center

SUPERIOR, Wisc.–A genealogy seminar was held at the Richard I Bong Veterans Center in Superior on Tuesday.

The event was free and open for up to 25 people to learn about and start the research for their family trees.

The workshop had three sections, basic genealogy, how to navigate ancestry, and how to research service members.

Computer skills were not required, but presenters demonstrated how use different genetic tools.

“No matter what you do and where you go, you find something that’s of interest and the first thing you say is why, why did they go there, what did they do, and then you keep searching, you want to find out more. You answer one question you come up with five more,” said Richard I Bong volunteer and Board of Directors member Ryan Jost.

Although it may be fun to research genealogy, there is also an unsettling side that can also be discovered when doing a deep dive, as was the case for one woman.

“But I also did learn that there were some relatives that when they came in they went south and worked and had small plantations, but they owned slaves, and that was a heartbreaker,” said seminar attendee Karen Raisanen.

Workshop guests were also able to see the museum at the Bong Center.

Superior has more options involving ancestory and genetics.

The Douglas County Genealogy Club hosts monthly gatherings and will be having a meeting at the center next Wednesday.

Memberships are available for only 10 dollars a year.




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