‘Very Scary Stuff:’ Resident Describes Police Standoff At Greysolon Apartments


DULUTH, Minn. – There were tense moments Monday at the Greysolon Apartments in downtown Duluth when a man with a sword caused an hours-long standoff with police.

The incident ended safely after Duluth’s Tactical Response Team breached the apartment door, according to officials.

While the alleged threats of violence from the man made residents feel uneasy, police said the end result is exactly what they hope for in these types of mental health calls.

“We negotiated for a couple of hours. Four-plus hours. Had him on the phone, had his family members talk to him and just get him to come out peacefully, and now he is getting the help he deserves,” according to Mattie Hjelseth, police information officer for the department.

Duluth police got the call for help around noon Monday at the apartment building on the 200 block of East Superior Street.

The apartment in question was on the 8th floor.

A woman who lives next door to that apartment described what she heard and saw before police told her and other nearby residents to evacuate.

“The threatening of killing people and stabbing and knifing people and fileting them with a knife…,” Patricia Alvar said. “The things I seen through my door. Him coming out and the way he was yelling at the cops, shoot me, shoot me in the face. It’s like very horrible stuff, very scary stuff. I called my daughter. I was bawling. Very threatening. Very threatening,” Alvar said.

Nobody was injured.

It was not clear Monday why the man was in the apartment, but police said he was an unwanted guest.

Meanwhile, a person who works downtown at a local treatment center said he came to the Greysolon after hearing about the standoff just in case he could help or if he possibly knew who the person in crisis was.

“I think there is people screaming out for attention. There’s people screaming out for help,” Matt Feld said. And I hope that it can be done” Matt Feld said.

The man was transported to a local hospital for treatment and a mental health evaluation.

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