Local Bookstore Highlighting Black History Month

DULUTH, Minn. — It is Black History Month, and bookstores are doing their part to recognize it in their own unique way.

The Zenith Bookstore in Duluth is showcasing a variety of books by black authors as well as subjects that are connected to black history.

Store manager Sarah Brown says assembling the books out-front and center is something the store wants to do.

“[It is] extremely important in general for everyone to recognize all of American history. We’re getting better about it, but obviously it’s kind of become a controversial touchstone again, so we really want to show our support for Black history, Black authors, just Black stories in general. Because it makes up the tapestry of America, and what makes us all great, and makes democracy great,” said Brown.

Sarah says the bookstore always has a selection of books available relevant to Black history, so it is just a matter of pulling a variety from every corner of the store and make sure people notice them and can find them.

She says customers have been expressing their appreciation.

“People live it. People love to get suggestions, be reminded of the importance of maybe choosing their books their books deliberately during different times of the year, when we’re celebrating things. Challenging themselves to read things outside of their norm. But again, any category that you like, romance, teen, kids, humor, any section in the story you can probably find a Black author, so,” said Brown.

And Sarah says winter continues to be a good time for the store and customers, with people still staying inside, or coming in from outside–to read a book or work on a puzzle.

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