Cloquet Public Library Puts On Book Sale To Raise Funds For Programming

CLOQUET, Minn. — On Tuesday, a book sale was held at the Cloquet Public Library to raise money to support their programming.

The Friends of the Cloquet Public Library group puts on these book sales a few times a month by filling up a room full of many fun options.

From jigsaw puzzles, children’s books, How To’s, audiobooks, and more. The best part is there are no set prices on books, you can donate however much you want.

“Well, for one thing it gets you out of the house, the books are as a donation so you’re not buying or paying a fabulous price for them. And you can keep them, you don’t have to bring them back in 3 weeks or whatever,” said Phyllis Durand, Friends of the Library member.

A 10-year Friends of the Library group member says the book sale Tuesday brought in a lot of people.

“A lot of people come in, there are some home-schooled children, and parents come in and pick up books for their kids you know for their classes. It keeps us involved and up on what’s coming in and how to handle all these books that are coming in. So, we enjoy it,” explained Durand.

The Cloquet Public Library hosts these book sales every first and third Tuesday of the month, as well as Saturdays in between.

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