Hardware Stores In Duluth Sell Tree Tapping Supplies

DULUTH, Minn. — For those who love authentic northern maple syrup from our forests, this weather is the perfect opportunity to learn about tree tapping so you can collect your own sap.

Supplies are available at many stores so anyone can make their own syrup. Denny’s Ace Hardware has jars, hoses, bags, and everything else you need or the perfect batch of syrup. Yvone Pilcher says fresh syrup is the best out there.

“You start with tapping a tree and we have different styles of the taps and some of the taps, you would attach a hose to which could run to a bucket or a bag which we have the bags and hangers, and the sap gets all collected and it goes processing into boiling,” said Yvone Pilcher, Cashier/Clerk at Denny’s Ace Hardware. “And then they bottled it, and you get an awesome syrup to pour on your potato/pancakes for next time.”

Homemade syrup is also sold locally at gift shops in town. Fun fact, it takes 10 gallons of sap to produce one quart of syrup. The tree tapping season doesn’t last forever. Don’t wait!

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