THC, CBD Drinks Not Allowed In Minnesota Liquor Stores

Duluth, Minn. — If you stop in a Wisconsin liquor store to pick up some THC or CBD water, there’s no problem. But that’s not the case in Minnesota where THC CBD water can’t be sold in the liquor stores.

Since 1981 Keyport Liquors has been a family owned liquor store in Superior. Last October Keyport made the decision to enter the Minnesota liquor market when it bought Lake Aire Bottle Shoppe. You might think it would be an easy transition, since they are both in the same business, but that’s not been the case.

At the Lake Aire Bottle Shoppe signs are posted saying the store cannot sell THC or CBD water and asks customers to contact your congressperson or the Minnesota Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division. The reason — Minnesota Law has a clearly defined list of what products can be sold in a Minnesota Liquor store…and that list doesn’t include THC or CBD Water

Nick Casper, the owner of Keyport Liquors said, “In Minnesota the Liquor stores have a lot of firmer grasp on what you can and cannot sell. We sell delicious cheese chips here at Keyport and people love them and we sell a ton of them. But over in Minnesota  you cannot sell a bag of chips, you cannot sell a bag of coffee, beef sticks are always up in the air, no frozen pizzas, it’s weird.”

Keyport’s owner has now taken THC CBD Water out of its coolers in Minnesota. Casper would like to see the list of allowable items in a liquor store expanded to include those products. “I feel like it’s a fair category for the store over there,” said Casper. “Liquor Stores are very tedious and stringent in who we sell our products to. Its an age required product and I think that’s very important with any intoxicating beverage or item.”

In Wisconsin the THC water that is stocked at Keyport is a popular item. “We get phone calls for it, asked in-store for it quite often, and lots of vendors are proposing new products in that category,” said Casper.

Until the Minnesota legislature expands the list of what can be sold in Minnesota Liquor Stores, THC or CBD water is not allowable.

However THC and CBD water is available at your local bar and when buying directly from the local brewers that are making it.

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