Man in Greysolon Standoff Charged With Attempted Murder

He allegedly stabbed a police officer, who was protected by a protective vest.


The man who was in a standoff with police last week at Duluth’s Greysolon apartments has been charged.

Alexander Jan Dougherty has been charged with six counts, including attempted murder against a police officer.

The complaint says Dougherty was inside an apartment and would not come out. Officers said they could hear him yelling and screaming. The complaint says that at various times he said he was God, Satan and a demon, and screamed at officers to shoot him.

When hours of negotiations did not convince him to surrender, the complaint says police entered the apartment and Dougherty allegedly lunged and stabbed at an officer with a samurai-like sword. The complaint says the officer’s protective vest kept the sword from penetrating, but the officer’s hand was cut.

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