Country Artist Frank Ray Set to Perform at AMSOIL with Old Dominion

DULUTH, Minn. — Former police officer, now country artist, Frank Ray is set to perform at AMSOIL Arena alongside popular band Old Dominion.

Country music band Old Dominion is bringing its “No Bad Vibes” tour to the AMSOIL this weekend (2/18) with opening acts Kassi Ashton, Grelan James, and Frank Ray also taking to the stage.

Frank Ray started the trek to his country music career just three short years ago, already gaining momentum and landing a spot as an opening act on the “No Bad Vibes” tour.

“It’s appropriate that they call the tour “No Bad Vibes,” there’s not a single bad vibe in the room,” said Ray.

Ray has seen quick success as a country artist, “music has always been my life’s passion. I always knew this was sort of the career that I wanted. It’s my dream career.”

But he once held a very different position.

Prior to my career in country music, I was a police officer for 10 years of my life in New Mexico.”

Ray said, while wearing blue, he was exposed to the good, the bad, and the ugly.

“We see a lot of stuff and we do a lot of stuff and get in knock-out, drag-out fights. We respond to calls that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.”

The job put the importance of mental well-being into perspective for Ray.

“I know the toll that it takes on not just law enforcement officers, but first responders, EMS, fire.”

This prompting Ray to use his platform to advocate for mental health support for first responders.

He also founded a program called FRAY, which stands for First Responders Mental Clarity.

“I thought it was important for us to be able to use the platform and have a full-functioning website that focuses primarily on first responders for them to go out and seek counseling and have all of the resources necessary. We’re also working with congress to try and get legislation to get funding for these kinds of things. And maybe events we can put on during the year to raise money and bring different country music artists out to help raise awareness, to make sure that we’re serving the people that serve our community best.”

While Ray looks forward to performing in Duluth, he’ll also be meeting up with some members of local police and fire departments — and they’re welcoming him into the Northland, the Northland way.

“I know they’re doing this cold plunge and they asked if I’d get down in my skivvies and take a little cold plunge with them in the lake. So, I might be doing that.”

As for his next moves following Duluth, “after that, we’ve just got festival season. Then we’re going to continue to move forward and I’m not going to stop until we reach the kind of success where I know we’ve made a tremendous impact on country music being a representative of the Hispanic cultural, being Hispanic myself.”

You can catch Frank Ray Saturday, Feb. 18 at AMSOIL Arena.

He’ll be opening the show alongside other country artists for Old Dominion — tickets are still available, click here.

“So we’re coming your way and it’s such a fun show. I’m really excited and I hope that we get to meet a lot of people out there.” -Ray

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