Lone Movie Theatre in International Falls to Close

INT’L FALLS, Minn. — The only movie Theatre within a 60-mile radius of International Falls, Cine 5, announced plans to shut down due to a pipe issue following Tuesday, Feb. 28.

Cine 5

The announcement came as multiple Facebook posts on Thursday. Owners stated that an ongoing pipe problem has prompted the closure.

“Yes we are closing due to the pipe issue. It has to be fixed by March 3rd or I will be closed down until it is fixed. We did try to fix it but the leak is not where it was supposed to be. With the frost in the ground it is much too costly for me to fix now. In the Spring it could be fixed easily and much cheaper than now but the city will not allow that. So I am finished dealing with the City of International Falls and closing.”

Meanwhile, International Falls Mayor Harley Droba addressed the issue with a Facebook statement.

“In December 2022, the City of International Falls became aware of a fire line leak in the Cine 5 building. In January 2023, the City Council issued Cine 5 a license for operations contingent on them fixing the fire line. The State Fire Marshal’s Office then suggested that Cine 5 operate with a “Fire Watch” as a temporary basis to ensure public safety. The City of International Falls took it upon themselves to assist in finding the leak on the fire line with Rural Water at no cost to the business. The City also allowed Cine 5 to stay open past the recommended 60 day timeline. However, due to public safety and lack of an appropriate fire suppression system, The State Fire Marshal’s Office recently recommended that Cine 5 be closed until the fire line, sprinklers and bathrooms are in working order.”

As of now, Cine 5’s final date open is Tuesday, Feb. 28. However, the owners said they’re open to offers if anyone wants to continue the theatre.

Many in the small community, and beyond, are expressing their feelings online about the closure.

One comment said, “as a mom of a teenager who loves to go with friends, it’s frustrating that we’re losing a safe place for them to enjoy. As well as a place for our family outings.”

Another said in part, “I’ve lived in Baudette for most of my life and we made hundred of trips to see movies in the Falls. Since 2008, maybe even earlier. So sad to hear. I’ll always have this theater in my memory.”

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