BCA Says At Least 8 Minnesota Schools Hit By “Swatting” Calls This Week

MINNESOTA —  “Swatting” calls were made to eight schools in Minnesota in just the past two days, according to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

Four schools in the St. Louis County area were targeted by those threats on Tuesday.

The BCA says the calls all came from one person who made the calls through technology known as voice over IP.

The fake school shooting threats are called “swatting” incidents because the caller makes up a hoax to draw in a large police response to one place.

One of the calls was directed at Denfeld High School on Tuesday, disrupting the day for students and staff as police went in to secure the campus.

The BCA wants to remind students, staff, and parents that if they ever sense a real threat, they can use the “Say It, Send It” app to report tips that the agency will pass on to local law enforcement.

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