City Of Duluth Issues Storm Update On Snow Plow Operations

DULUTH, Minn. — The city of Duluth issued a storm update Wednesday afternoon about its snow plow operations..  See the full release below.

City of Duluth plow operators have been out all day keeping main roads clear for access to hospitals, schools, for emergency vehicles, buses, etc. Due to the storm system shifting, lingering longer than forecasted, and an increased snow total than what was initially forecasted, crews are continuing to work and adapt to the storm to keep main roads open for hospitals, schools, etc.

Operators have been and continue to be out in full force to continue clearing main roads for access to hospitals, schools, etc. Plow operators are dealing with continued snowfall and some drifting snow, but their work continues this afternoon and into this evening and will continue to sand and plow overnight into tomorrow. Operators will get into residential roads and alleys as conditions allow and following these priorities:

— Priority 1 (main arterials)

— Priority 2 (residential streets)

— Priority 3 (alleys)

To view our Street Priority Map, or to learn more about the City’s snow operations, please visit the following link:

Several meetings of boards and commissions have been cancelled due to the travel conditions this evening. The following groups’ meetings are cancelled this evening:

-Commission on Disabilities

-Natural Resources Commission

-Alcohol, Gambling, Tobacco Commission

-Duluth NQT2SLGBIA Commission

As this storm system wraps, the City reminds residents that within 24 hours of the end of a snow event, property owners ought to have cleared their sidewalks of snow and ice to allow safe sidewalk access for pedestrians. For information on sidewalk clearing, please visit:

To stay up to date on the National Weather Service’s forecasts and information, please visit the following link or follow them on Facebook or Twitter:

Again, the City asks residents to be safe and patient as this system moves through. If you are able, help your neighbors and those who may need it. Stay off the roads if you can and provide extra travel time so that you can slow down and travel safely. Give City, MnDOT, and St. Louis County plows plenty of room to operate safely. The City is extremely grateful for all plow operators throughout the city and region working long days and overnight to keep access to hospitals, for emergency vehicles, buses, etc. open and safe.

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