Special Report, March 1: Heart and Hope

As Russia’s relentless attack on Ukraine continues into its second year, a Ukrainian family of four has been watching the war unfold on television in Duluth.

The Kupriichuk family arrived in Duluth in August after leaving Ukraine in March, shortly after the war started.

They were not so much leaving because of the war, but more so because of the medical condition of one of their sons and the worry life-saving medications wouldn’t be available as Russia moved in. Ukraine Promo Wednesday

The family was lucky enough to connect with a husband and wife up the North Shore through Uniting for Ukraine who turned their basement into a temporary apartment for them.

“Everyone needs to remember when you wake up in your house is better than somebody wake up in bunkers or without home or maybe wake up in forest or something else because they don’t have homes because their homes are destroyed. Destroyed forever. They need to build new homes and this war is very, very hard,” said Oksana Kupriichuk.

People in the community have donated all types of items since their arrival, including a vehicle for the family. And as for the two kids, ages five and almost two, they have adapted well.

“Since we don’t have children, it’s brought a lot of life to our home and it’s just so easy to love these kids,” said Lisa Gasele, of Duluth.

We’ll have much more on the Kupriichuk’s journey to America, their thoughts on the ongoing war and the hope for the future in a special report, Heart and Hope, Wednesday night on FOX 21 News at 9.

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