19th Annual Great Lake Mono-Ski Madness And Race Camp At Spirit Mountain

DULUTH, Minn. — The 19th annual Great Lake Mono-Ski Madness and Race Camp took place at Spirit Mountain this week, bringing people with disabilities of all ages in to hit the slopes.

Mono-Skiing is a form of independent skiing where people learn to load themselves on chair lifts and ride down the hill all by themselves. This 3-day event is the largest adapted learn to ski camp in the Midwest.

The Miller-Dwan Foundation and Move United partnered with Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute to make it happen. It brought in more than 20 participants and over 50 volunteers from across the Midwest.

“You know everybody has a different ability level. And so, we have different equipment that we can match up to, match to their ability level as best we can,” said Mark Hanna, Program Coordinator with Courage Kenny. “And so, it’s all about the smiles and the success story and just being in a community of people that enjoy being outside, enjoy making recreation happen for people of all abilities.”

For those participating it’s a great opportunity to learn something new and gives families a fun activity to try together.

“I enjoy it because like you’re just out in nature, having fun,” said Eli Peterson, a participant. His mom, Holly Peterson said, “There aren’t many activities that we can do like physical activities where we can all participate and be together on a level playing field. So, it’s pretty exciting to let us all get together and do something. So, it’s a fun day for us.”

Event organizers say experiences at this event have led to life-long participation in sports and a healthier lifestyle. There is one more day of learning Friday starting at 10 a.m.

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