Tweed Museum Family Day

DULUTH, Minn.– The Tweed Museum of Arts at UMD hosted a family day event with guided tours and plenty of fun activities.

The museums current exhibition is by the Duluth Fiber Guild created by founder Janet Meany and other artisits of the guild.

People could try their hand in creating art based on the current artwork in the gallery.

The family day and welcomed all ages for free and there were activities for visitors.

From paper making, to handcrafted weaving, there was a table filled with hands on activities to get kids involved in fiber arts.

“We are making paper hearts, so we are taking like shredded up pieces of paper with like color and pushing them into a mold and drying it out so that it compresses,” said Nora Wourms, Family Day Participant.

For 50 years the Duluth Fiber Guild has been creating fiber arts.

Their exhibition will run at the Tweed Museum until May 21 and there are guided tours available.



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