Bock Fest At Earth Rider Brewery This Weekend In Superior

SUPERIOR, Wis. — Earth Rider Brewery in Superior is getting ready for Bock Fest this weekend.

Bock beers originate from Germany and are traditionally sold in the spring, making this the perfect time for the fest.

There will be of course live music and fire poking of bocks. That’s where a hot poker goes into a bock beer and caramelizes the sugar making it taste like toasted marshmallows.

“People want to get outside this time of year. I feel like in the spring, everyone’s used to colder weather so when it starts warming a little bit, it’s like ‘man people want to get outside, the days are getting longer.’ Just an exciting time to be outside and drinking beer of course outside is a great thing,” said Frank Kaszuba, Director of Brewing Operations.

There will be 3 bock beers for everybody to enjoy, and even live goats for kids to play with.

The fun starts Friday at 5 p.m. with a priest’s blessing of the bock.

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