Wild State Cider Quadrupling Production Capacity

DULUTH, Minn. — Wild State Cider in Duluth is quadrupling its production capacity thanks to the demand for its products rising.

Wild State Cider, located in the Lincoln Park Craft District has been in business for almost 4 years now.

And with the success of the business, it has quickly outgrown its 10,000 square foot taproom space.

Wild State expanded into the new 60,000 square foot facility in West Duluth about a month ago. This will allow them to produce more than 12-million cans of cider annually, which allows the company to expand into more markets, and make more types of cider.

“We couldn’t go to a new market and say, ‘ hey what do you think about selling Wild State’ because we simply couldn’t produce that product. And now we’re able to you know go to Wisconsin, talk to other chain retailers and say, ‘we actually can keep up with demand now, would you like to bring in our product.’ And just the regular products we were already making,” said Adam Ruhland, CEO of Wild State Cider.

Wild State always wanted to be a primary cidery in the region and the CEO, Adam Ruhland is very proud of how far his business has come.

“To do it fast means a lot in terms of just the success of the people that work here, the product that we’ve made, and the customers that have supported us to get here,” said Ruhland. “It’s humbling, you know when you start a business you think ‘this is a huge risk’ and you’re ready sort of to completely fail. So, every day I’m like ‘oh we’re still doing it, we’re doing a good job.’ It feels good.

The new facility has allowed Wild State’s taproom more space for a possible kitchen and the ability to host more events. To check out what they offer go to their website here.

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