Duluth National Weather Service Storm Input

DULUTH, Minn. – As if we haven’t seen enough of it, more snow is coming to the Northland.

Back-to-back snow systems aren’t too common during the month of March, where typically it’ll be snow then rain or vice versa.

Staff at the Duluth National Weather Service predict strong winds and near blizzard conditions in the coming days. Those expected to be hit the hardest are the South Shore and Ashland area, with a possible six to twelve inches.

“Not every year we’re seeing snowstorms back-to-back. We could see maybe some snow and maybe some rain, that sort of thing. Well, this year, we are kind of just hanging on to a bit of cooler air so it’s cold enough for these back-to-back snowstorms,” Duluth National Weather Service Meteorologist, Josh Sandstrom says.

The seasonal record for snow in Duluth is about 135 inches, and this year we aren’t too far away from reaching it.

“This is one of the snowiest winters we’ve seen here. We’re now in the top ten snowiest winters. Right here at the Duluth National Weather Service where we keep track of snow and that snow record goes back into the late 1800’s, we’re up to I think it’s around 116 inches as of right now,” Sandstrom says.

The National Weather Service suggests clearing off roofs and keeping an eye on the upcoming forecasts. They also suggest staying home if you don’t have to drive.

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