Essentia Health Holds Career Fair At Proctor High School

PROCTOR, Minn. — Students at Proctor High School are gearing up for their future with a career fair Wednesday.

Essentia Health hosted the event at the Proctor High School. 8th through 12th grade students were able to check out 16 different departments with Essentia.

Staff says they try to expose students to as many pathways as possible. And by providing them the opportunity, the hope is that students are graduating with a plan and not just planning to graduate.

“You can’t simulate work. You have to go out and participate in work. Whether it’s paid or non-paid. So, that even if they graduate, they don’t know exactly what they want to do, but they’ve at least like crossed off 5 or 7 things, be like ‘that’s not for me, that’s not for me.’ And that is as important to know what you don’t want to do, as what you do want to do,” said Nic Hanson, Student Readiness and Success Coordinator.

Two 8th graders thought it was fun to check out all the different job opportunities at Essentia.

“It’s really fun being here cause I get to learn about like what everybody does and I can learn like what they do,” said Ellie Pease. Jaida Andrews said, “It gives you like a better idea, of like if you want to go into a medical field like a bunch of things I want to do. And they’re all really nice.”

Proctor High School hopes to have another general career fair later in the spring.

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