Duluth Mayor Proclaims AmeriCorps Week

Duluth, Minn. — Duluth Mayor Emily Larson has officially proclaimed this week as AmeriCorps Week in the city, and Thursday she celebrated with members of the group at city hall.

In the Duluth area, AmeriCorps has approximately 100 people who help at more than 75 different sites.

The work of the various parts of AmeriCorps touch many different areas.  In education, they work on helping students with math and reading as well as emotional needs.

“We have members here from Conservation Corps,” said Alice Werle Director of of the True North AmeriCorps. “They do work on trail restoration, helping our environment in our area. We also have folks from Northern Bedrock Historic Preservation Corps. They do incredible work with places like cemeteries that have been over- grown, helping to fix them up. And then we have folks from Vista who worked with all sorts of different organizations and have brought in around 25 Million Dollars for the Lincoln Park area.”

Nationwide, more than 13,000 volunteers help in various ways at 2,000 sites. With the wide variety of areas AmeriCorps works with, they are always looking for people to join their ranks and help others in the community. Locally, you can reach AmeriCorps at the Duluth Y.

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