State of the City – Hermantown, Proctor and Rice Lake

Proctor, Minn. — Three cities that refer to themselves as “the communities on the hill” spoke at the Hermantown chamber luncheon on Thursday.  Hermantown, Proctor and Rice Lake are the three cities.

The mayors from two of the cities were on hand to talk about where their cities stand today and what’s ahead. The mayor of Rice Lake was sick and could not make the event.

The Mayor of Proctor, Chad Ward said “There’s some major topics we’d like to address, tourism being one of them, infrastructure, housing. You know we’ve met with apex and cirrus recently over some housing plans. They’re looking at communities across the northland, they’re looking to expand their business. So they need housing to be able to do that. So that’s one of the items that proctor is actively involved with and we’re trying to address that issue at the moment.”

Hermantown’s Mayor Wayne Boucher voiced similar thoughts, “Well, there are businesses that are looking at Hermantown for development and residential development business. But the specific thing on the city end is we’re trying to complete raising money for our recreational initiative, to complete our hockey arena, our trails and refurbish Victor Park.”

The head of the Hermantown Chamber says the three cities hold this joint event annually so they have a louder voice.

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