Towing Costs Could Increase for Law Enforcement in Superior

Superior, Wisc.

It’s generally not someone you want to call, a tow truck, but it needs to be done. That’s the case for law enforcement as well, when there’s a crash and the vehicles need to be towed away.

The four tow companies that work with the City of Superior say they need more money to tow the vehicles for the city.  They want a 50 percent increase from $98 to $147.

Darin Lind, owner of Duke’s Towing says, “When we do a law enforcement tow, we need to be readily available for emergency service. So we need to be there in a 15 or 20 minute window. This reflects the cost of towing. If the average Joe calls, their cost might not be quite as much because they can wait for us.”

It’s the unique demands that law enforcement requires that make the towing costs higher than the rate you may pay for a tow.  It’s been four years since Superior reset its towing prices

“The price of doing business over the last few years has increased rapidly”, said Lind. “From the cost of the equipment to the cost of labor to do the equipment, The cost of the equipment, to the cost of labor, to the cost of insurance to the cost of fuel. It’s all o an uptick and we’re trying to sustain with the fees we’re getting now, but it’s getting to be time where we need to improve.”


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