Motorhead Madness Makes Car Enthusiasts Very Happy

Duluth, Minn.  –The DECC was the place to be if you’re a car lover and really enjoy getting a close-up look at restored and classic vehicles.

Hundreds of people have been through Motorhead Madness the last two days .One man, 80 year old Alvin Cin loves restoring cars on his own and has been doing it since 2004.

Alvin’s daughter, son in law and son bought him to Duluth from his home in Blaine today, but he was only told that the destination would be a surprise for his 80th birthday.

Cin told us about his cars, “I’ve got a ’65 GTO convertible that I totally restored myself, and another friend of mine helped me, he did the body work. I did all the running gear, I’m working on a ’56 Ford three on the tree with overdrive, put a 292 in it. I detail them as best I can. My sons call me crazy cause I can sit and take a carburetor apart, every nut and screw out of it, paint everything and put it back together.  It just keeps, I keep telling the wife, it keeps me out of the bars.”

Alvin says he can’t imagine a better birthday surprise than looking at the cars with his kids.

He also says he is pleased that the cars on display are not just museum pieces, that the owners take them out and drive them on the road.

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