I-35 Closure Leads to Many Delays

DULUTH, MINN.  — Interstate 35 is closed this weekend through 6 PM Sunday.
If you were trying to get somewhere today and you usually used I-35, you learned that first hand.

There were traffic jams heading south on I-35 as cars backed up for quite a ways on the highway as they waited to get off to Michigan Street. They would take Michigan Street all to where they could get back onto the interstate.

For people heading North, that didn’t want to take the Bong bridge into Superior and then come back on the Blatnik Bridge, Superior Street was an alternate.  But it came at a price.
When this video was shot, early evening traffic had loosened a bit.  Earlier in the afternoon Superior Street was stop-and-go for miles.

It took more than 40 minutes to get from West Duluth to 21st Avenue East.

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