Turtle Story Time at Zenith Bookstore


DULUTH, Minn. — It was story time at the Zenith Bookstore in West Duluth, kids gathered for a reading of a book about a turtle, then got to meet a very special guest.

Sacred Serpents is a non-profit organization centered on breeding and the preservation of pythons.

Founder Sarah Glesner read a book calley Mossy by Jan Brett to a group of young listeners.

Mossy is the fictional story of a turtle that has a garden growing on her shell.

After the book was read, Sarah brought out her very own real turtle named Tank.

“Just like in the story, where Mossy lived by the pond, someone scooped Tank up, and they put her in a bucket, they put her in their car and then drove all the way to Duluth, Minnesota to give Tank to their grandchildren. Was that a good Idea? No,” said Sarah Glesner, Sacred Serpents.

Tank has been with Sarah for many years, and now has a friend named Mr. Hall.

Zenith bookstore has occasional readings from various guests, including multiple coming up in April.

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