MN Film Festival Kicks Off With Duluth Screenwriter’s Film With The Late Bob Saget

DULUTH, Minn. – The Minnesota Film Festival opens Wednesday at Zeitgeist in downtown Duluth featuring independent films from our region and even around the world.

On the FOX 21 morning show Tuesday, Duluth screenwriter Matthew Dressel gave us the lowdown on the festival and the festival’s opening film “Daniel’s Gotta Die,” which Dressel is the screenwriter for. Zg Mff Fbcover Feb10

The film features Actress Mary Lynn Rajskub, who is best known for her roles in “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and “24.”

The film also stars Joel David Moore, Jason Jones, and Bob Saget, which ended up being his final role before his unexpected death.

“So my film is called ‘Daniel’s Gotta Die.’ It’s the opening night film. It’s a dark comedy and it’s about a rich family of sociopaths, and the father dies play by Iggy Pop, and he leaves his vast fortune to the only good son Daniel. And Daniel can keep the fortune for himself or he can share it with his siblings. But if he shares it with his siblings, they have to spend the weekend together at their family beach house, but his siblings have other plans and they decide they’d rather just kill him. So it’s kind of a comedy of errors as all these plans interweave, and everything falls apart in this big bloody fashion,” Dressel explained.

The festival is more than a five-day event of movie watching and networking. It also provides year-round programming, grant funding opportunities and proactive engagement within the community.

Click here for the rundown of events happening through the weekend at the Minnesota Film Festival.

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