Minnesota Film Festival Kicks Off

DULUTH, Minn. – The Minnesota Film Festival kicked off Wednesday for the second year at the Zeitgeist Zinema in Downtown Duluth.

The five-day event will feature more than 80 films, with both local and global contributions. Zeitgeist expects at least 40 filmmakers to be in attendance throughout the week, with several hosting Q and A’s with the audience.

Wednesday’s feature film was ‘Daniel’s Gotta Die’, which was written by local Duluth screenwriter Matthew Dressel.

“We think the more that that sort of cross-cultural understanding and the empathy that gets developed when you hear new stories that give you new perspectives. It’s really important part of strengthening the fabric of our community, strengthening of our democracy, and so film and storytelling is a powerful way of doing that,” Zeitgeist Executive Director, Tony Cuneo says.

The Minnesota Film Festival is open to the public and will continue through April 2nd. You can find ticket information on zeitgesitarts.com.

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