Northland Red Cross Volunteer Helping Flood Victims in California

CENTRAL VALLEY, CALIFORNIA – As much as we can complain about how the weather this winter has treated us in the Northland, it has been worse in California.

The state has been hit by 15 major storm systems, fueled by atmospheric rivers coming from the Pacific Ocean that have provided the moisture needed for them, since December.  All the rain and snow that has fallen from them are now leading to flooding across the state.

The Red Cross is responding to help those in need, and that includes one Northland volunteer.  Gary Hertog recently traveled from his home in the Lake Vermilion area to California’s Central Valley.  He is helping to bring hot meals being prepared in Fresno to those who are without power and cleaning up flood damage to their homes.

“Just immense needs, and there are so many different roles that the Red Cross takes on,” says Hertog.  “All the help they can get they sure appreciate it.  A lot of volunteers are retired folks, but they have some younger folks, some college-age, who can come out and help.  Anybody…the help is certainly appreciated.”

This is the 9th time in the past four years Hertog has been deployed across the country to help the Red Cross in their response to natural disasters.  He plans to be there for at least two weeks.

Hertog adds if you want to help the Red Cross in their response to flooding in California, the recent tornadoes and severe weather outbreak in the southeast U.S., or any future natural disaster, you can donate cash to the organization.

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