11-Year-Old Sales Whiz Makes the Register Ring

DULUTH, MINN.  –Whenever you attend a show such as the Arrowhead Home and Builders show, you will undoubtedly run into some sharp salespeople. That is the case this year as well at the Home show, but the talk of the show is a young lady selling marshmallows.

“Would you guys like to try some Minnesota Marshmallows? You won’t regret it, they’re amazing,” explains Lillee Ankarlo.  “Marshmallows, they’re amazing. Yeah, you got to try some, they’re amazing, and you won’t regret it. Try some, they’re amazing.”

Yes, she’s the salesperson who is creating a good deal of buzz at the Home show. And the 11-year-old is a natural.

“You’re probably not going to find a jelly-bean marshmallow anywhere else–besides us,” advises Lillee.

She has all the patter down to a science. She knows just what to say and how to reach each customer in a way that they will buy.

“If you guys are interested in purchasing, I do suggest the variety box.  You get six of these, any flavor you like, which is 18 marshmallows and a total of $20,” says Lillee as she guides customers. “Okay, do you want a small pack, 3 for $4, and then we have the bags for $10?”

“I’ll take the variety pack,” says one customer. “The variety pack? Okay!” And Lillee sends another customer away happy.

And she remembers to thank all of her prospects and customers.

“Thank you so much for purchasing from Minnesota Marshmallow and have a nice day.”

Minnesota Marshmallow is the brainchild of Amy McMillian. She started making the marshmallows during the COVID lockdown.

“Lo and behold, I had a lot of extra time on our hands with COVID, so I hopped into the kitchen and that week I started making ’em.  And now we’re 2 1/2 years, almost hitting our three-year anniversary and it’s been a lot of fun,” said McMillian.

And where did she find her all-star salesperson?

“So, this s is my finance’s cousin’s daughter. She is outstanding. She absolutely loves the marshmallows, and I was like, ‘Hey you want to come down to an event with me? I would love to have you at the booth!’ And she soaked up anytime I would say something for the first time, she would just repeat it. She’s my little auctioneer and I love her at the events. It’s completely special!” McMillian said.

The business is going well, and the marshmallows are available at a number of different stores. And she also does catering, but no, Lillee is not included…she’s Amy’s secret weapon.

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