Twin Ports Pet Sitters Expanding To Superior

TWIN PORTS — For all the pet lovers out there, a local business is expanding its operations to help take care of even more animals.

Twin Ports Pet Sitters is a 9-year-old company providing pet care to animals all around the Duluth area.

Now, they’ve expanded their operations to Superior. The company now offers dog walks, cat bonding, and critter care in both Duluth and Superior.

Most of the contracted sitters are people who’ve been involved in the pet industry and that include trainers and vet techs who have lots of experience. Combined, the service does 20 to 30 walks a day and also spends time with cats, dogs, and other animals.

“Truly our clients become family. We become a big part of their lives. When they go on vacation it’s as easy to say ‘hey Kirstin I have an emergency I’m headed out this evening. Can you step in and take care of our animals?’ And we’re able to do that,” said Kirstin Baumgarten, owner of Twin Ports Pet Sitters.

For one employee who was originally a vet tech she now loves her role and has been with the company for some time.

“It’s really just been the perfect job for me. I love to be outdoors. And just hands on with dogs and they’re just so happy when we come and take them out on our adventures and it’s just makes for a good life,” said Kelly Barbo Pederson, pet sitter.

Twin Ports Pet Sitters can also do housesitting with or without a pet at home. For more information, click here.

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