Hundreds Gather for EGG-Stravaganza at the Lake Superior Zoo

DULUTH, Minn. — Lions and tigers and bears, oh my, but that’s not why people gathered at the Lake Superior Zoo today, they were there for the bunny.

It was an Easter take over at the zoo as hundreds of eager families Hopped through the doors to meet the Easter bunny.

It was an Egg-cellent day as Easter activities packed the zoo grounds and exhibits and there were coloring contests and egg hunts.

Families could also get in on the fun by taking a train ride throughout the park to see the animals and all of the activities.

And while the Zoo’s Safari Café was open as usual, this special event called for some food trucks to cater to the large crowds.

“It’s really fun seeing all the kids around here, they get really excited about the eggs, they grab as many as they can,” Erin Haag, Zoo Crew Volunteer said.

Even the real animals got in on the Easter fun as some prairie dogs entertained guests who watched the energetic animals.

“It’s her birthday so we thought we would do something fun for her birthday,” said Egg-Stravaganza Guests, the Steltz Family. “What was your favorite animal? The Bear, what was it doing? Sleeping. Was it cute? Yeah, it was a cute bear,”

The Egg-Stravaganza is an annual event at the zoo and it is of the busiest days for Zoo personal and the animals.

The event has been such a hit in the past that tickets were available in advance as well as at the door.

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