Duluth Man Arrested After Stealing Trailer and Fleeing From Police

Local law enforcement agencies team up to help in finding trailer and suspect.


DULUTH, Minn. — A Duluth man was arrested after allegedly stealing a trailer from a business and fleeing from police officers.

The Duluth Police Department says they helped assist the Proctor Police Department on Monday around 4:50 p.m. to find a stolen trailer.

Authorities say the trailer and suspected vehicle were located on Highway 2 and West Skyline Parkway. They then found the 27-year-old suspect who fled from officers on foot from Highway 2/I-35 to the Lake Superior Zoo.

Police say the man jumped into Kingsbury Creek to get away and then got into perimeter fencing at the zoo, where he was then arrested. Authorities say that area was not in an exhibit where animals are located.

The man was taken to the St. Louis County Jail on pending charges of Theft and Fleeing.

The Hermantown Police Department also assisted in the incident.

Fox21 does not normally name suspects until they are formally charged.

The Lake Superior Zoo released the following statement:

As you may have already seen, an individual was arrested yesterday after hours at the zoo.

After seeing incorrect information being shared, we want to clarify that the individual did not enter any fenced-in areas. The “fenced-in” area being referred to was simply noting that he was arrested within zoo grounds as we have a full perimeter fence that was breached by the person. He was then apprehended on grounds outside of our animal care center.

No animals were harmed, and no exhibits/enclosures were breached by the individual. Our staff was alerted of the breach by local officials and responded quickly to ensure that all animals were safe, and exhibits were intact.

We want to thank first responders and dispatch for communicating with our team to ensure everyone was safe.

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