St. Luke’s Honors Organ Donation

DULUTH, Minn. — Tuesday St. Luke’s hospital held their annual ceremony honoring the life saving gift of organ donation and the families of donors.

The hospital raised a “Donate Life” flag and held a moment of silence for those who have given the gift of life through organ donation.

Recipients also recognized the gift of their donors at the ceremony.

St. Luke’s helped save the life’s of eight people through three organ donors in 2022, but over 3,300 people are waiting to receive a life-saving transplant across Minnesota, and North and South Dakota.

“It’s an amazing gift that people can give and just continue to live on within another person, and give that gift, and that family receives great knowledge in knowing that their loved one lives on, the recipient is given another chance to live and it’s a very special gift that few people can give and very few people can receive,” said Brittney Kurhajetz, St Luke’s Critical Care Manager.

St. Luke’s encourages people to talk to their family and friends about their wishes if in an situation where organ donation is an option.

Family of donors are able to connect to their loved ones recipients throught life source and other resources.

And St. Luke’s also is able to record the heartbeat of a donor before they give the gift of life to a person in need.

Additionally the hospital has a memorial and slideshow of donors.

“They can be writing letters and talking with them and sometimes it’s being able to give that recipient a hug knowing that your daughter, son, mom, dad, is living on you know, their heart, their lungs, liver, kidneys, it’s a really neat thing,” said Kurhajetz.

In the case of organ donation, St. Luke’s has a honor walk before donors enter the operating room.

Family, friends, staff, and other patients line the hallway as a melody plays overhead.

People can register to become a donor online at Life Sources website.



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