Dept. By Dept. Breakdown Of 2023 Duluth Budget Cuts, City’s Reason Why

DULUTH, Minn. – FOX 21 has gathered new details involving city wide budget cuts in Duluth worth $383,000.

City administration says the cuts involve this year’s status-quo budget.

The Duluth Police Department, which has the largest portion of the city’s budget, is being asked to cut $98,402.

The Duluth Fire Department holds the city’s second-largest portion of the yearly budget. It’s being asked to cut $72,407.

Property, Parks & Libraries is being asked to cut $53,098.

Here is the full list of departments and the amounts they are being asked to cut before the end of the year:

Administrative Services:  22,568
Finance:  10,807
Fire:  72,407
Legislative and Executive:  15,109
Planning & Construction Services:  14,677
Police:  98,402
Property, Parks & Libraries:  53,098
Public Works and Utilities:  39,492
Transfers and Other Functions:  56,388

The calculations reflect an even-percentage playing field across all departments based on their budgets allotted for the year, according to city administration.

The Duluth Firefighters Local 101 is against the fire department’s cuts and told FOX 21 last week that the cuts will affect staffing and safety.   Click here for the full statement from the union.

The reason for the cuts, according to the administration, is to handle a 1 percent levy shortfall the council made last December.

In a statement to FOX 21, Mayor Emily Larson said:

“In September, I proposed a budget that did not cut staff or public services. In December, the council chose to cut the levy by 1%. Directors and department heads are now adjusting their budgets accordingly; they know their budgets best. Do I agree with these cuts? Absolutely not and advocated strongly against them. But the city is making the necessary adjustments.”

The administration told FOX 21 the reason for the rise in the levy was to handle the rise in healthcare costs and operating expenses like rising fuel prices, supplies and parts, among other items.

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