Minnesota Power Activates Emergency Action Plans

CARLTON, Minn. – Due to the recent warm weather and rapid snow melt, the St. Louis River is in a high flow state. To prepare for potential flooding in areas, Minnesota Power has activated Emergency Action Plans.

These emergency action plans are enforced to put the public and emergency management agencies on high alert of the higher-than-normal flows. Minnesota Power has four hydro facilities along the river. They have developed plans of action to identify which neighborhoods are most at risk of flooding.

Staff say stay away from the river right now, during its dangerous state.

“It’s dangerous, these flows are dangerous. Stay away, keep your kids and your pets away. That water is moving fast, and I think you’ll get a good visual how fast that waters moving,” Minnesota Power Hydro Operations Manager, Nora Rosemore says.

Though the water flow is strong, staff say the dams along the river are performing how they should as the system is built to handle such flows.

“There are zero concerns with the dams right now as far as failing. But they are very resilient, and we are not even at a level to increase our worries of the dams,” Minnesota Power Dam Safety Engineer, Kyle Maher says.

Minnesota Power is in conversation with the National Weather Service, DNR, City, and emergency management agencies and are actively managing the systems to pass the water.

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